Atlanta REI

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Update - "Its been a month"

I know I have seriously lacked in my responsibilities updating this blog, but I do have a good excuse. As some of you may know I work for a very large multifamily management company. I have recently shifted gears with them and have assumed responsibility of over 2000 units. Naturally, this has consumed a majority of my time and has left little spare time. I LOVE what I do very much and it comes very easy to me, so I am not complaining. I just have a passion for this stuff and leading people. Nonetheless, any spare time I have had has been spent looking at houses (Saturday mornings) and spending time with my family.

I continue to make offers, although not as many as I used to. I don't write about each and every offer since almost all are not accepted. The reason I am not making as many offers as I used to is because the market here is shifting into a buyers market and I really feel like there are going to be some great deals down the road. If you think I was picky before, well then you have not seen anything yet. Sure, there are a lot of houses out there and yes, I could make money on them. But, if it is going to be worth my time I have to stick to my rules.