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Friday, April 28, 2006

100% Occupied and Other Updates

Well today was move in day for our Duluth property and it went off without a hitch. I had previously signed the lease and collected the earnest money check from the new residents three weeks ago. All there was left to do today was to complete the move-in inspection.

Due to my business partner's busy schedule, there are four things left to do to the property that are outstanding; fix the ice maker, add a door sweep to the door leading to the garage, install the closet doors in one of the guest bedrooms, and per the resident's request, we are going to install a fence across the rear portion of the property (This was 50/50 for us when we were doing the rehab. We thought if someone requested it to be done, then we would go ahead and do it. Otherwise, we would just leave it.)

In other news, I met with my friend last weekend who wanted to sell his house "subject to". He is not quite motivated enough to sell his house that way just yet. As soon as they call him up (June/July) then he will be motivated. He lives in a huge master planned community, which is eight different communities in one, with a performing arts theatre, pools, tennis courts, etc. He has had his house listed with two different realtors for almost a year and can't figure out why his house has not sold.

So, we are sitting there discussing what a subject-to deal is and going through his closing paperwork and all of a sudden I hear (CHOOOO-CHOOOOOO) TRAIN???????
I said, "Uh, where in the hell did that train come from?" He shrugs it off and says, "Oh, I don't even hear it anymore." It really wasn't THAT loud, but a half hour later I hear it and I said, "There goes your train." Then, as we keep talking, a half hour later I hear it again and I said, "There it goes again." Hmmmmmmm, I wonder why this house has not sold. I asked him, "Do you know the schedule." Of coarse he didn't. You think it might be a good idea not to show the house when the train is going by? He lives on a "T" shaped street. His house is three houses down from the top of the "T" and the train runs behind the top of the "T" left to right, but you can't see it due to the houses and trees.

I really think it is just a Saturday afternoon train otherwise I'm sure people would not be living there. The problem is, "When do most people have time to shop for houses?" UHHHHHHH....SATURDAY and SUNDAY? So, I tell him that the train is his problem and unless he figures out the schedule and works around it, he will not sell his house for his asking price of $179k. I think he will get very motivated, very soon. Oh, and FIRE your agent!!


  • Yah, I've noticed other neighborhoods like that in Atlanta. There is a really fancy one that sits right up against Marta on the North line. Definately would deter me as a purchaser.

    By Blogger NinjaPigeon, at 10:43 AM  

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